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Sergeant Major
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Posted on Tue Dec 15, 2020 7:24 pm

Okay, so I have RuneScape gold decided to go for 75 structure for the guilded altar, and had a few queries in how to best spend my money and time! So first off, can it be feasible to build the altar at 69 construction using a crystal saw and tea for your +6 bonus? The manual cites the saw doesn't work on items which don't want a saw- because I am pretty certain you can not saw granite, does the impact still count? (I will post the next query in a new post, my cellphone evidently won't allow me to scroll this far down the page...)

I can probably call 2.9m cash for this job. The boards alone come to 2.35, leaving me with 550k to invest. My second question is, can it be worth hiring a butler to conserve sawmill trips? Thing is, I can only play for half an hour a day. Is it therefore cost efficient to hire a regular butler for this type of playing time? The guide doesn't mention when a butler needs to be paid, whether it is after a day I am just going to go to the sawmill myself, but after every, say three times, it might save a great deal of time, and time= money. Expecting that you guys can give me advice on this, as even after scouring the world wide web, no guide in life is unique enough for all these questions! Thanks.

Ok, because I am trying to get 99 structure - Yes, I will confirm it IS expencive. I can not answer fully the issue about the saw although I'd say it wouldn't work because it only usually, like you mentioned, if a saw is necessary. Concerning the Butler. #1, if you are buying the planks, then you don't require the butler to run to the sawmil for you, just make him to un-note your boards. I find that the regular butler the best because he takes 12 seconds to lender. The demon butler takes 6 seconds to bank that's far to quick to be effective.

The normal butler costs 5,000 for every 8 excursions. The demon butler costs 10K (I believe ). This usually means that the butler is not just better for training, he's also superior cash wise. If you are worried it will cost a great deal, utilize attacking production hammers. This will half of the cost. To discover how many you need, divide the total expertise to your goal by 50,000. This will tell you exactly how many you want. Should you want a non-combat stealing buy School RuneScape Gold creation clan, attempt"Smooth Sc" or even"1fastsc".

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