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Sergeant Major
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Posted on Wed Dec 16, 2020 12:48 am

Part One - The Basics. Vinesweeper is a sport made by Jagex, also it is a component of this massive online game RuneScape. Essentially, it's very similar to OSRS gold the computer cult classic Minesweeper. A spot on a grid is chosen, and the spot will either contain a number or a seed (the equivalent to a mine in Minesweeper). If it's a number, the number will tell you exactly how many seeds/mines are bordering the space in the grid. When it's a seed, you need to begin.

Your purpose is to use the numbers to determine where the flags are, and then flag them. Whenever you enter the area, you must instantly head into the girl inside the shack for ten flags that are free. These can be utilized later. Next, head out into the area. Inspect any random piece of earth, and determine what the chatbox instruction says. If it says there is definitely no seed from the pit, don't hesitate to dig out a pit at the coordinate. If it says there IS a seed , flag the area by right clicking and selecting"flag." If it cannot determine whether there is a seed in the hole, e.g. in case it states that the sand is thick or there is a pig at the way, find another hole to attempt.

 My stats are in my signature. I've decided to cheap RuneScape gold attempt to conquer the Knight waves training ground, and has been wondering, what should I take. I don't have money to manage armor better than rune, so keep that in mind with this set up: Thus farI plan on accepting: Helmet of neitznot. Amulet of electricity, or Amulet of str (which of those should I shoot?) Rune platebody, legs, and kiteshield, Climbing boots (for str bonus), Rune gloves. And for food, I plan on accepting monkfish, and two sharks. My question: Why is this good, and is there anything I should add?

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