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Sergeant Major
Posts: 1
Posted on Tue Dec 22, 2020 3:17 am

The Ideal Melee Powertraining. Well I am almost 92 attack and OSRS gold I am going for 99. I'm just wondering what is the speediest xp/hour. I've got a lvl 3 account,shortly to be pure,with 40 cooking and fishing,and I have bought membership for this. Just how long will it take for my membership status to be revived,I payed via a financial institution,they said 6 business days,but the first time I subbed I got it in 3,second within 2 weeks (Xmas)? How long can the Waterfall pursuit last? How long does a cannonball excursion last from the al kharid lender to furnace? How much time can I rope within one hour? How much xp will I get per hour in chaos druids? How much xp will get per hour at flesh crawlers? Which quests should do for 40 assault &strength (Optional) with just 10 hp? If I perform for 4 hours,how many lobsters will I be able to fish in the karamja dock? Which quests could get me started on ranged? Which quests can get me started on mage? Keep in mind I need this pure to possess 1 pray. Thanks. (do not do it in al kharid, take action in Edgeville) Chaos druids are approximately 150-350k a hour, depending on the herbs. You don't need any quests to begin mage or variety, but for mage, doing desert decoration can be helpful from 50+. It takes lots of additional combat and skilling abilities, however. For range, biohazard gives a good training location, as does horror from the deep. Terror from the deep is tough, though, because you need to defeat a lvl 100 creature.


I'd say that you can string about 2000-3000 flax per hour. I really don't understand about that he membership, since I've never purchased it via a bank. If you play for four hours, then don't take action on karamja, do it at catherby. I really don't understand what you mean by the length of cheap RuneScape Mobile gold time the waterfall quest lasts. It TAKES about 30-40 minutes. For experience in the druids, not as much as at fleshies since it's more crowded. Maybe 15k-20k. At fleshies, I'd say about 30k per hour. Good luck!

Gunnery Sergeant
Posts: 2
Posted on Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:04 pm

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