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Sergeant Major
Posts: 2
Posted on Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:47 am

Therefore, rugs RuneScape 2107 gold and drapes should change color to match one's family crest colours. For instance, arrav's colours are white and blue. To follow suit, all of curtains and rugs would be either white or blue. If more than two colors are used, then perhaps the color least utilized can be the colour of the trim onto the opulent version of curtains and rugs.

If one desired to change their curtain and carpet colours after changing his / her family crest, then he or she could simply go back to varrock to the secretary. The man would reply'Surely', and ask for a fee to supply the service. The fee would be 5000 gold each room. One couldn't have separate colors per area; this would merely make it easier for the coding of this update and for shorter loading times when rendering the home.

However, since changing one's colors and altering the family crest are two distinct actions, it might be possible to have a combination of colors of a single crest and have the actual crest be different. Last, rooms that are constructed after the crest and / or colors are changed will probably match the current colors of the home, not the crest of the home.

First suggestion in awhile. My others were rather well-accepted, I believe that this is one of my best yet. Anyway, welcome too. The new minigame Macrokill will soon be published, I hope, and will bring about some pleasure to the entire macro-reporting matter. My basic idea is that players, both ftp and members buy School RuneScape Gold (this will be the first ftp-accessible minigame) collect from the Macrokill minigame construction in Lumbridge to start the game of Macrokilling.

Master Sergeant
Posts: 5
Posted on Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:26 pm

You're going to need this

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